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    Here's more what I want!

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    Here's the best I was able to do, but it does look better than stock...  to me anyway.
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  • Ich watched the Films when i was a boy and i loved them.
    So thanks for This buildt. I think i have to watch the Film again

    IT is stunning what you are doing. IT is sooooo tiny.
    I love it
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  • WOW, that is some serious dedication and scratchbuilding work! 

    Pretty awesome!

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  • Why did I come across this so late?

    You're putting a lot of effort in refining your GALACTICA. Thank you for sharing this with us. And I am very excited to see some pictures from the original model. Seeing pictures of items used in filming gives me the opportunity to make some "greeblie archaeology". I am astonished what they used to kitbash the GALACTICA. At the rear sides it seems they used some german armed recovery vehicles and AFV's in some smaller scale (related to the inevitable Panther engine ventilation grids on the rear top). I can see a lot of battleship and cruiser turrets, halves of a steam locomotive and at the very rear the undercarriage of a 155mm Howitzer in 1/35 scale. I love it! ;D I am looking forward to your further progress!
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  • Thank you all for the kind words!  More to come.
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  • Looks cool!

    The Doctor
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  • Thank you Mr. Doctor!

    Here's a little more.

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  • :o
    Crazy stuff.:respekt:
    Looking forward to see it finished.

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  • Little more.

    Box stock:

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  • Hey y'all! Another apology for the length in the reply, but this really is the soonest I could post it and it's STILL just sorta tacked in place so I could make a small update. This one, I believe, has improved the look. It mainly consists of fixing up those trenches and adding some detail on those pieces along the sides just below those trenches. As I asked before, and the consensus was the gap was just about right, so I didn't widen any. I thought it may need a little more gap, but as I got going, it seemed fine, so y'all was right!

    Again, here's what it is straight outta the box:
    DSCN0522.jpg title=DSCN0522.jpg

    Here, again, is what we went with:
    DSCN0527a.jpg title=DSCN0527a.jpg

    All of those tanks on the upper and lower sections of those trenches are ROCO Sheridans #254 (on the real deal) and they are cut in half, right down the center.
    s-l1600.jpg title=s-l1600.jpg

    s-l1600 (1).jpg title=s-l1600 (1).jpg

    As thus:
    half.jpg title=half.jpg

    The tank tread we see glimpses of in a couple pictures. I think, come from the same little ROCO #215 plastered all over the sides of the engine of the Galactica. In this next picture you can also see the Sheridan's cut in half:

    265.jpg title=265.jpg

    Now, on to my feeble attempts to create some of this and what I was able to do. I took the stock pieces for the Sheridan and sliced 'em. Sliced 'em good. I added some detail to those and had to make those tracks completely from scratch. With all these 1/144 kits I showed earlier, I was able to use the tracks... TWO TRACKS... cut in half length wise and wrapped that all the way around all these tracks you'll see next.

    DSCN0533.jpg title=DSCN0533.jpg

    Y'all with the kit will know, we still mighty small here and this took me a couple days. ALL this has been practically constant work since that last update. Evenings, mainly, but every day.

    Next, I decided to add a little bit to the interior of those gaps, which we can see into now, which means I had to create a wall inside there which got cut away on the stock kit when I cut the tanks in half. I took a bit of liberty here and added a couple scribe lines and a few detail pieces to add some lumps and bumps in there. Now, there are also a couple ladder/vent/teeth looking pieces on the original, so I added those too, sorta seen here:
    Battlestar_Original_Miniature_060a.jpg title=Battlestar_Original_Miniature_060a.jpg

    Here's how all that came out:

    DSCN0534.jpg title=DSCN0534.jpg

    DSCN0535.jpg title=DSCN0535.jpg

    You can also see those new walls I had to make. This "wall" also serves to align the top and bottom now and keep the alignment in place. I'll want to be able to open this model up later if I ever have to work on it, so I started that mod with this mod.

    Some may have noticed, in those last pictures, that I have detailed the outer sides of the engine just a bit too. To me, one of the biggest improvements with this latest one was the dressing up of those pieces just under those drop tanks/fuel tanks along the sides. This mod was an ABSOLUTE pain in my diminished glute, but makes a very nice show, to me anyway. They are the crane section of ROCO #257.

    Those pieces, along with the angled sections at the forward of the engine (the blade at the front of the ROCO), are from the same ROCO tanks also all along the sides of the original engine section, ROCO #257:

    roco257.jpg title=roco257.jpg

    On the crane pieces along the sides, I sanded the originals off the kit piece and using that crane outline I was left with, I had to scratch each and every crane. I also had to keep the size consistent. The body of the 257 is what's on the engine section too, so I used the body on the kit piece to keep the size right as I was making them:

    DSCN0532a.jpg title=DSCN0532a.jpg

    Ok, after writing all that, here's what I've ended up with.. Like I say, not completely permanent yet, but I think this one turned out OK.

    DSCN0536.jpg title=DSCN0536.jpg

    DSCN0537.jpg title=DSCN0537.jpg

    Makes a difference this time I think.

    Critique, criticism, comments, complaints and suggestions, as I've shown already, are 100% welcome and encouraged here.

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  • Absolutely AMAZING! Thank you very much for sharing this build with us. Keep up the great work! :)
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  • Thank you!  I didn't think anyone was even looking.
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  • :o

    The Doctor
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  • Hey y'all! Got the engine section a fair piece along now. I narrowed that gap between the top and bottom half and made the engine where it'll open in case I ever need to get it there. Comments, as always, welcome.