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Hello everyone!

I know it's an old kit now, but would there be any interest in yet one more Moebius original series Battlestar Galactica build?  I have one "in progress" and if y'all are interested, I could post a few things along my way?

I'm sure everyone knows the one I'm speaking of, but in case anyone doesn't, here the one I mean.


Yo, I'm a Galactican, so go for it, please! :D

Yep, would be nice to see some of your wip-pics 🤓

Well, alright then!

Of course, I bought this YEARS ago when it came out, like many of y'all did and stuck them away because I knew I wanted to maybe add a few details. I've dug out one of those old Moebius Battlestar Galactica kits and have started whittlin' on it. My intentions are just to add or modify to what is already there that we saw on the studio model. I checked a few threads but I didn't see very many that have actually modified the kit other than aftermarket parts? My attempts at "upgrading" won't include aftermarket parts, just changes or corrections (as I can) to what's on the kit already.

Anyone built this lately or know of folks who have modified their builds?

I started with the nose piece. As I said, my plans are to strictly do what I can to add some detail to what's already there. Here, I've added a little detail and modified some already there. Many who have this kit or have seen it already know everything here is very small. In many posts, I'll have the unmodified model pictured to help show whatever I'm attempting. I would really appreciate feedback, criticism or observations as I go along here.


 I'll sorta be working from the front to the rear, so I've modified the ramp along the nose that leads up to the bridge. Compared to the studio model, this area needed some changes. I removed this ramp and raised it to about what it looks like on the studio model. I've also added a little detail to that area. 



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